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Author: albert


Little Buddha: version 1.0.65

Important update for Android 11 users. In the new version (1.0.65), the error of connecting to the database has been fixed.


Little Buddha: version 1.0.41

– New visualization for those who like BrainWave Visualizer app from the company Neurosky. In addition to simultaneously tracking the process of meditation and concentration, you can see the wave activity of the brain at different frequencies (Delta, Theta, Alpha,… Read more


Little Buddha: version 1.0.19

– When you first time launch the new version of the application, appears the window with a description of the changes. – In the section “About Application” was added a button “Changelog” showing changes in all the versions of the… Read more


Little Buddha: version 1.0.16

In the new version of “Little Buddha” app (1.0.16) became possible to create your own schedule of notifications that invite you to practice. You can flexibly set the days of the week and the time of these notifications. Now you… Read more